5 Tips For Shooting Photography With Sunlight That Is Not Ideal

23 April 2020
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Do you have a photoshoot planned, but the sunlight at the time is a bit harsh and not ideal? If so, it helps to follow these tips to help deal with it.

Embrace The Sun

Is the sun coming in from directly above and creating really harsh shadows on their face? Then reposition your subject so that they embrace the sun. Try shooting them from up above so that they are looking upward, which will prevent those harsh shadows from forming. It can also create a look where the subject feels like they are bathed in sunlight.

Use Natural Shadows

The harsh light from the sun can also create some unique textures around you that can be used to your advantage. Look at how the sun is shining through nearby trees and the shadows that it is making on the ground. Those unique shadows can really make your photos look quite unique. Even think about how shadows can cover your subject and expose parts of their face for a really unique look.

Count In Your Subject

One problem with harsh light from the sun is that your subject is going to squint as they have the sunlight shining in their eyes. This can cause all of your photos to look off, as their eyes are not open as much as they can be when you capture them. A good tip to deal with this is known as counting in your subject.

Have your subject close their eyes, and then give them a countdown for when to open them and look into the camera. That brief moment when their eyes are wide open is when you'll want to snap the photo since you have a second or two before they start squinting again. You can use the same technique, but for turning around towards the sun. You can even get a natural hair flick in the photo when shooting someone with long hair. 

Create Silhouettes 

Silhouettes can only be created in situations where you have harsh light. Try placing the sun behind your subject so that you see that dark outline in the photograph. You can get really creative in this situation, so try snapping a few photographs, even if your subject is not as defined as they would be in other lighting situations.

Use Natural Light Bounce

The sun is going to bounce off of certain materials to help illuminate your subject. Using light that bounces off of colored surfaces can create some unique colors that you would not be able to get otherwise if you didn't have harsh lighting.

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