Keys To Buying A Great Music Server

26 May 2021
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Handling a large collection of music is made pretty simple thanks to music servers. You'll be able to mange and search audio files within seconds. These keys will make your selection process much less intimidating. 

Look for True to Sound Design

When you go to play a song or audio recording from a music server, it's important that you get true-to-sound playback that will give you better audio experiences – whether you're listening to rock music with a bunch of electric guitars or classical songs where a lot of pianos take over.

You'll get authentic experiences the way your songs were meant to be heard. You may need to actually try out a couple of different music servers in stores to see what type of audio they can put out, not just once, but on a consistent basis for different audio types. 

Make Sure Engine is Powerful

If you're storing a lot of music in this music server, then you don't want to have lagging performance with the engine that could interfere with your audio experience. You want the engine to be powerful and fully capable of supporting however many songs are in your collection.

Music server engine quality is one of those specs that you'll have to carefully research, seeing what specs each music server comes with out of the box. There is professional support if you need further assistance looking over server engine power.

Go with USB Drive Support

You probably will be expanding your music collection at some point with a music server. That might be why you purchased the sever in the beginning. So that you don't have trouble with this aspect of using and managing a dedicated music server, make sure USB drive support is provided.

This will prove the most direct way to transfer files over to the music server, whether they're from your phone or work computer. You can download songs to the drive and then insert it directly in to the music server for uninterrupted transferring. You'll just need to get a USB drive that has enough memory to make audio transferring a convenient process.

Instead of having a bunch of audio files on a lot of different devices, you should consider refining these files by adding them to a music server. If you end up with a well-designed and well-performing serving, dealing with a lot of audio files won't be a headache. 

For more information about music servers, like the Antipodes audio k 50 series, contact an audio expert near you.