3 Ways An AV Technician Can Help With Charity Bingo Events

2 September 2022
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A charity bingo event offers an ideal way to raise money, offer prizes, and bring communities together. When you host a bingo event, you want to ensure the crowd can hear the numbers and see the bingo balls to allow the event to go smoothly. The planning requires a lot more than just using a bingo game.

The services of an audio visual technician can make a big difference with bingo events. Learn how they can help with the set up and ensure the whole event runs smoothly for everyone involved.

1. Bingo Video Screens

When bingo numbers get called, bingo players may like to hear the numbers along with the visual of the bingo ball. An AV tech can help set up an easy system to provide visuals. Using either flat screen monitors or projection screens, an AV tech can set up proper visuals for the bingo balls.

A live camera feed can display the bingo balls as a caller lifts them up for each number. The large screen makes it easy for everyone to see the details, including the letter and number. An AV technician can wire the camera and screens together and also has technology to run multiple screens at once.

If someone faces a different direction, then the alternate screen can provide a clear visual.

2. Wireless Audio Systems

Instead of a bingo caller who shouts out each number, an AV tech can provide a wireless audio system to make the process easier for everyone involved. A bingo caller can wear a wireless microphone and speak each number into the mic. Speakers set up all around the bingo hall can provide players with clear sounds.

The use of an audio system will ensure that players do not miss numbers and the whole event goes smoothly. Wireless sound systems also make it easy for you to make announcements and explain the various rules of each bingo game.

3. Lighting Effects

A well-lit bingo hall provides illumination so everyone can clearly see their cards. An AV tech can add enhanced lighting effects to the stage. For example, you could have a lighting effect that goes off when someone declares a bingo. You could have a spotlight effect that shines on bingo balls and ensures they are fully illuminated.

The lights can make a difference in the visuals and add some fun to the event.

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