Four Features To Have In Any Home Theater

20 April 2023
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Many movie lovers dream of the day when they can have their own home theater. It can be a place where you immerse yourself in your favorite movie and escape reality for a short bit of time, but only if it's done right. That's why you'll want to have these four features in your home theater

OLED Screen

When it comes to picking a type of television for your home theater, you cannot go wrong with an OLED screen. This is the latest screen technology that has a unique light source for every individual pixel on the screen. This means that when the image is black, the pixel is completely shut off, and when a pixel is lit up with color, it doesn't bleed into the surrounding pixels. OLED screens create a vibrant picture with the best possible contrast ratio, and can really make your screen blend into the room when the lights are off. 

Surround Sound

The gold standard for surround sound is a 5.1 speaker setup. It uses two stereo speakers in front, two rear surround speakers, a front-center speaker for dialogue, and a separate subwoofer. It's common for streaming services and any movie on a disc-based format to support 5.1 surround sound, which makes it a great starting point for a home theater. 

As you expand your home theater's sound system you can add additional speakers. The next step up would be a 7.1 surround sound system, which has speakers directly to the left and right of the seating area for more immersive sound. Home audio mixes typically don't go larger than a 7.1 surround sound setup, so it may not be worth investing any more than that. 

Soundproofing Material

Soundproofing material isn't for keeping the audio contained to your home theater so neighboring rooms don't hear it. In fact, the purpose of soundproofing in a home theater is quite the opposite. Soundproofing is designed to keep out those outside sounds and to prevent sound from bouncing off unintended surfaces in the room. Strategically placed panels help absorb the audio so that it feels like the sound is coming from the direction it was intended to come from. 

Comfortable Seating

A home theater isn't complete without some comfortable seating. You'll be sitting on average for two hours at a time in the space, so definitely put some thought and money into what you sit on. You can pick comfortable recliners for the ideal positions to sit in the room, and flexible seating options for others when they come to check out your home theater.